Most mornings men will wake up feeling frisky & with a hard erection. Here’s a simple explanation of why they wake up like this;

Their testosterone level is usually very high around this time of the day than any other time & this is because the part of the brain in charge of producing Testosterone is  switched on in the night.

So a good night sleep means testosterone is steadily produced giving him that hard morning erection you see.

Testosterone is a male hormone that is deeply involved in a man’s sexual function & performance.

When this testosterone is low in a man’s body, it causes decreased libido, inability to truly enjoy sex, inability to cum & he will experience difficulty getting hard. Erectile dysfunction also results from low testosterone.

Causes Of Low Testosterone

As a man, here’s what you are doing that is causing low testosterone levels in your body.

1. You are aging

Yes, aging is inevitable but as you age, your testosterone level decreases, in fact after the age of 40, your testosterone level will decrease by 1-3%.

2. Stress

Stress releases a chemical that inhibits the production of testosterone in the body.

3. Then we have Alcohol

Regular intake of alcohol lowers your testosterone levels also.

4. Testicular injury

That kick on the balls or any harm to your balls is dangerous because this testosterone that we are talking about is produced in the testicles, so any injury that affects your testicles will lower testosterone.

We’ve talked about the causes, let’s see what you can do to get your testosterone functioning well.

How To Fix Your Testosterone Level

1. Lower your stress levels

2. Exercise – more of lifting heavy weights

3. Loose some weight if you are over weight.

4. Supplement with Andro-T capsules

Andro T

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5. Supplement with Isotest Testosterone Booster

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