Gather here if you’re a king with a working tool.

We heard your comments after we gave the women the Okra delicacy.

There is one smoothie every man should try out on Saturday night or Friday afternoon, depends on when y’all fix your marathon s#x nights.

Get yourself two full slices of watermelon, small bottle of groundnut, date seed and for added effect, you can add milk.

Do not add Sugar, the date is a natural additive.

It can also be consumed by your woman as well unlike the okro mix that is not good for men.

Take that smoothie and relax then have her blow on your pipe till her mouth is sore with pleasure.

Set an alarm for 1 hour later, believe  me, you would still he riding after then.

If you have a threesome appointment, use this instead of herbs and concussions should in case you do not want to try any of our viagras.

I kid you not, she would call you “King Father” for the next 7 days.

Get your groove on King


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