Watery Semen

Semen is the whitish fluid that comes out of a man’s penis during ejaculation. Semen is made up of mature sperm and fluids from the prostate gland and other male reproductive organs.

A healthy semen is the agent of reproduction and it is usually whitish in color with a thick consistency but certain factors can alter a semen to become clear in color and have a watery consistency.

Now, let’s look at watery semen and if it affect a man’s fertility, but first what causes this watery sperm.


1. Low sperm count

The concentration of sperm is what gives the semen it’s thick, cloudy consistency, so if your semen is watery, there’s high chances it contains fewer sperm than normal.

2. Frequent ejaculation

If you release multiple times a day, the quality of semen after your first release is likely to become more thin & watery than the one prior. So, if you masturbate multiple times a day or engage in many sexual activities a day, the quality of semen drops by each release.

3. Zinc deficiency

Zinc plays an important role in healthy sperm production so zinc deficiency contributes to unhealthy poor semen quality and infertility.

4. Retrograde ejaculation

Rather than the normal semen flow out of the bladder, semen travels backwards into the bladder making a man produce less semen or watery semen.

5. Lifestyle factors

Factors like high alcohol intake and smoking cigarettes causes so much damage to the semen.

How Watery Semen Affects Fertility:

For most times, watery semen is temporary and a man’s semen will return back to normal but persistent watery semen could possibly be a case of low sperm count as the concentration of the sperm is what gives semen that thick & cloudy consistency.

If you experience watery sperm and you are trying to make a healthy baby, it’s best you go for a sperm analysis test and this test checks for:

  • volume of semen from an ejaculation
  • sperm count
  • sperm motility
  • sperm morphology
  • acidity

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