Still on #WorldHealthDay2022, let’s talk about S3xual Hygiene.

Here’s a list of things you need to know…

1. $£xual hygiene is vital to maintaining a good s£xual health and wellbeing. It’s essential and recommended for everyone everywhere.

2. Washing up:
Taking a shower after $3xual int3rcours3 is good. You don’t have to jump right out of bed but do so before going on with your day. Give the area around your genit*ls a gentle wash.
Pro tip: you could get in the shower with your partner.

3. NO Douching:
Your Vajaijay is self-cleansing so, leave it alone. Washing the inner part of your g3nit*ls kills innocent organisms that are naturally there to help with the cleaning.

3. Pee after s*x:
This singular act helps reduce the risk of getting STIs by flushing germs out of your system.

Pro tip: Drinking a glass of water helps.

4. Clean your s*x toys:
Just as you need to clean yourself up after an int3rcours3, your toys should be cleaned after every use too. This is in order to get rid of bacteria, fungi or viruses that could be lurking around. Let them give you good loving not STIs.

PS: Do NOT share your toys. If you must, use a new c*ndom to cover the toy before each use.

5. Get screened, tested and treated (if need be):
The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Advise your partner to do the same as well.

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