Squirting is also known as female ejaculation. It is the release of liquid from the female genital which is usually accompanied by orgasm. Squirting in female is just like ejaculation in male. It gives a feeling of relief from orgasm that has reached the highest point.


The first time I squirted was one of the greatest highlights of all my sexual experiences. I did not know whether to feel great about it or not. I had this mixed feeling of, “am I experiencing an incontinence issue”? along with pleasant feeling on how naturally wet and wild I can become during sex.  The fluid that gushed out was something I was unprepared for. It left me totally confused on whether it was pee that came out and of course embarrassed that I had peed on myself.


Squirting is incredible. Although it is messy and embarrassing for first timer, it makes you feel intimate. It can occur during, before or after an orgasm. Squirting is not the same as pee even though the copious liquid been produced comes from the bladder.


So how can you begin to squirt?


First, relax your body. Do not get too worked up about squirting. Second, use a Gspot stimulator such as the oral licking rabbit vibrator and focus on the clitoris. when you notice pressure starting to build up, do not fight it even if it feels like pee. Push it out! Third, even if you do not squirt the first time, do not get yourself stressed out about it and do not let squirting interfere with your pleasure!



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