Some men find it arousing when their wives her naughty in the other room, however, what is more satisfying is when they get to pun!sh them in a powerful yet k!nky way.

If you’re one of those wondering how to go about it, then you need to read and get these devices.

😻 Panties Vibrator: For her penance anytime she gets naughty just instruct her to wear this panties vibrator while you handle the remote.

With the remote in your hands you can make vibrate in a sweet way till she begs for forgiveness.

🦩 Flamingo: Distance should not be an issue when you want to deal with a stubborn wife. All you need to do is mandate her to wear the flamingo while you control the degree of vibration from your phone till she submits to her Dominus

💄 Tiwa vibrating Kegel ball: Ever wondered if there was something like a beneficial punishment? That’s what this balls bring. Makes her vibrate like a rotor at the push of your remote as it also makes her PU$Sy tighter.

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