Vaginismus is a very painful & distressing medical condition where the muscles of the vagina tighten or tense or contract in anticipation of pain when

  • a woman attempts penetrative sex
  • attempts to insert a tampon
  • or tries to carry out a gynecological exam.

It makes penetrative sex very painful & often impossible. Women dealing with this describe a burning sensation & often cannot use tampons or have any kind of gynecological examination such as smear test.

It’s something that happens automatically in the muscles of your vagina, you have no control over it. It is a muscle spasm.

Most patients suffering from this condition find it very hard to talk to anyone as it’s a very sensitive subject.

It can cause so much distress & can lead to relationship breakdown, a sexless life, it can also make a woman feel unworthy, women suffering from these often feel very alone as it is not a case often talked about.

Causes Of Vaginismus:

There is no explanation as to why a woman will suffer from vaginismus, there may be some fear or anxiety around penetrative sex, an experience that was traumatic or painful in the past.

Less commonly, infections like thrush can result in vaginismus.

Treatment options:


Vaginismus is a treatable medical condition & the treatment depends on the cause & needs to be tailored according to the patients need.

  • Treatments can be focused on identifying, understanding & changing negative perceptions about body image & penetrative sex.
  • Relaxation techniques & mindfulness techniques can help with vaginismus.
  • Retraining muscles that are held in tension: Use of graduated vaginal trainers (dilators) to train the muscles of the vagina to stretch & become flexible.

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Get into a very comfortable & relaxed position, apply enough lubricant to the dilator & slowly insert the dilators into your vagina, start with the smallest & progress in sizes with time. After completing the training of the muscles you & your partner can try to have penetrative sex.

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So many women do not seek medical treatment for it & leave it hidden because of the embarrassment & shame that comes from talking about such a sensitive subject.

The only way to get help is if you speak up or if you seek solutions, find help today & get to experience & enjoy all the pleasures that comes from having sex.

If you’d like to discuss more with a medical expert, click here to chat with our medical expert.

It’s something that happens automatically in the muscles of your vagina, you have no control over it. It is a muscle spasm.

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