When it comes to a man’s sexual function, here’s how his penis works; blood rushes to the penis when he’s aroused to get the job done and when he gets the job done, blood goes back to where it came from. But when there’s no blood rush and rather blood is struggling to go there, then there’s a problem.

Meaning better blood flow equals to stronger erections.

So, how to increase the blood flow:

1. Reduce stress levels

Stress triggers an innate response causing your blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow & this results to trouble getting the joystick to stand or even stand hard.

2. Eat more aphrodisiac foods

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Certain foods helps to increase blood flow to the genitals and improves sexual functions, such foods are;

a. Dark chocolate (increases blood flow to the penis and concentration of nitric oxide)

b. Avocado (rich in vitamins that promotes good circulation)

c. Watermelon (dilates blood vessels  to improve blood flow)

d. Tiger nuts

e. Red wine

f. Pomegranate (daily consumption of this increases testosterone and improves blood flow to the penis)

g. Oyster (contains high levels of the mineral zinc and boosts testosterone production)

h. Green tea (compounds found in green tea helps with blood flow and helps burn belly fat)

3. Exercise regularly

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Exercise gets the heart pumping, boosts circulation and increases blood flow to the penis.

4. Supplement with L-arginine


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This supplement is converted into nitric oxide which helps expand a man’s blood vessels & increases blood flow. This means sure erection whenever you want it that does not go down on it’s own.

PS: These tips will not only give you a better performance in bed but will also result in a better overall lifestyle.

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