So you just finished another great sex session and the both of you are coming down from an orgasmic bliss and trying to catch your breaths. Now, here are three very important things you should do as soon as you catch your breath.

First things first, stand up and go pee. Even if your bladder is not full, try to pee anyway. This is very necessary because your urine system will help flush out bacteria from your urethra and in turn lower your odds of getting urinary tract infection.

Secondly, wash up. Sex is a mixture of fluids and can also be a messy act. Ladies, your vaginal fluids mixed with fluids from his penis, your sweats mixed together and sometimes even lubricant was involved.  Now that sex is over, you need to wash up that area to avoid build up of bacteria which can lead to infections. But, if you are in a condition where you cannot wash up with water, use wipes or a small damp towel to wipe away that excess moisture around your genitals.

Now, the third; if you engaged in sexual acts with someone you are not certain of their STI status, get the ultra probiotic 14-complex as this helps block STI transmission. It works by secreting endogenous and exogenous substances that block the transmission of STIs.

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If you are not sure of the person’s HIV status and you feel that you have been exposed to the virus, block HIV transmission by using PrEP medication not more than 48hours after the deed has been done.


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