Whether it’s a Quickie or a full $€×ual shenanigan, a mind blowing experience makes it all the better.

3 easy exercises you could incorporate in your daily lifestyle to boost l!b!do and improve your $€×ual prowess…

🙆🏽 Core & Abs Workout: Noticed that lately after all your self appraisal, you get breathless easily while doing it? Core & Abs workout help improve your stamina and fitness state and as such you last much longer and give/receive that thrust on a 💯

🙆🏾‍♂ Hinge:
Hinge helps you get into that favourite $€× position seamlessly without your legs or arms awkwardly giving way. I like this one in particular because it’s easy & helps you get “freaky” ideas. When you do it, you feel $€×y🥵

🙆🏽 Cat/Cow Stretch:
This is a yoga pose that relaxes your nerves. It helps to boost your rhythm and focus while enjoying the $€×perience😉

Extra: The legendary KEGELS:
It’s proven that Kegels work wonders with males & females. They strengthen the floor of your pelvic muscles & they are the secret to intense 0rg@sms💦

👉🏽 Be sure to try out these exercises
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